shipping container for security

Container modifications are in use extensively in the security market. They are often deployed as security access control check points. In addition to controlling access they are also used as barriers to block access. Containers based upon their size and robustness make for ideal locations to install CCTV cameras as well as monitoring and communications equipment. Containers can be preconfigured and deployed as a “plug and play” solution where the container provides the platform for the physical security equipment.

Access control

Check points along roads, entry gates into secure areas, at festivals, docks, or any application where guards are deployed


containers can be utilized to store specialized security response hardware or vehicles ready to be deployed at a moments notice


Due to the the overall size of a container they can be used to restrict access into secure areas, while providing the advantage of having internal storage. The barriers can also be set and situated to be look out posts.

Sentry Posts

Custom containers can be used as guard shacks or as locations where soldiers or other security personnel can be stationed.

Mustering Locations

During times of chaos such as evacuation of a refiners, containers can be used as locations where individuals would report to in order to be accounted for



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