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Portable Hospital

Capacity planning is difficult on a daily basis without game changers like pandemics, natural disasters, terrorist attacks, and active shooters.

Pre-planning for these scenarios is very important and critical to an effective emergency response. Hamilton Container Services, through the use of modified containers, can build temporary or permanent shelters that can be used to add additional beds, offices, training rooms, diagnostic rooms, screening rooms, ICU rooms, and storage for critical PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). Whether you're adding on to an existing brick and mortar facility or planning an entire portable hospital, HCS can build your solution.

Container modifications provide all of the required necessities in a portable unit that can be easily moved and put into position. Multiple isolated rooms can be built into a single 40’ container, with private restrooms. Climate control, lighting, anti-bacterial paint and warm comforting interiors are possible as well. 

Due to the portability and ease of transportation, portable hospitals can be stored and deployed to the locations where they are needed. In addition, due to their weather-proof design, containers can be used to store all of the PPE and diagnostic hardware required on site. Your state, county, city, or organization, can be ready to deploy in moments.

Compared to other options (such as tents) containers are strong and durable. By design containers are made to withstand harsh weather conditions. During deployment, containers will provide the assurance that you'll be able to deal with what Mother Nature throws your way. Internally, the units have full climate control, flooring, walls, and ceilings that provide insulation from the cold and heat, as well as noise.

The look and design of your units can be manufactured to your exacting requirement. Both interior and exteriors can be painted or retrofitted with siding or custom facades. Since containers are sealed, they can provide isolation with positive or negative pressurization. 

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Container Based

  • Patient Rooms
  • ICU Rooms
  • Field Surgical Units
  • PPE Storage (Personnel Protective Equipment)
  • Ventilator and Medical equipment
  • Deployable Mobile Hospitals 

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