law enforcement for container usage

The demanding world of law enforcement requires preparedness and readiness as a matter of standard procedure. The modular aspect of containers offers many distinct opportunities to train and satisfy the modular needs of law enforcement agencies.


Hamilton has designed and supplied containers that simulate urban environments. Actual urban environments are simulated by building training facilities out of containers. These facilities are modular, portable, and can be deployed quickly, can grow over time, are customizable, and cost very effective.

Evidence Storage

Evidence storage containers can be used as evidence storage facilities. Containers can be outfitted with shelving and cabinets used to catalog and store evidence. Additional security in the form of door locks and security cameras along with all of our standard features such as lighting and climate control can be integrated into your solution.

Community Policing

In community public relations is a critical strategy in many urban neighborhoods. Portable units can be deployed at events, at the police department, or in the community. These units can be used for education, community awareness, and building positive relationships within the community.


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