integration and technology container solutions
The ever growing demand for failsafe systems and remote applications requiring highly specialized equipment makes custom container conversions perfect for these arduous applications. Military and Industrial applications often require redundant equipment located remotely in case of threat or system failure. Fabrication can be done remotely and the fully integrated solution ready for “plug a play” and rapid deployment at the remote site. This is ideal for critical security, networking,  energy, water, emergency response or any application where continuation of service is critical to the mission.
  • Redundancy - No single point of failure. Container conversions allow geographic separation  of critical infrastructure allowing for mission critical equipment to be ready upon the calling

  • Networking - Critical data and communications networks can be installed into containers and remotely deployed for both permanent and portable applications

  • Control Rooms - Secondary control rooms for critical applications in the Nuclear, Military, Industrial markets can be deployed within integrated containers. Hamilton can design the internal space to accommodate the exact requirement

  • Evidence Storage - In the law enforcement world the proper handling and cataloging of evidence is critical. Containers can be made highly secure and can facilitate permanent  storage and organizing of critical items

  • Healthcare Integration - Container modifications can be used to facilitate remote field healthcare and or at hospital sites to store critical supplies for disaster mitigation 

  • Military and Emergency Response - Container modifications can house critical equipment and specialized applications such as water filtration that can be used in times of military intervention or disaster response 


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