shipping containers for industrial use

Industrial sites use containers often to provide a degree of protection from the elements. The original intent to make containers a seal weather-proof box for ocean sea freight make them an ideal solution to short-term or long-term storage solutions. Containers can be outfitted with power, heating, air-conditioning, work benches, and shelves. Custom office space, conference rooms, labs, training centers, are just some of the applications deployed today.


Containers provide a high degree of security and protection from the elements for equipment and supplies

Tool Cribs

Portable tool cribs allow for remote location of critical tools for your process. The units can be outfitted with racking and shelving so that inventory can be easily accounted for

Portable offices and conference rooms

These are made out of containers can help alleviate logjams and can be located where you need them

Control Rooms

Primary our secondary control rooms can be integrated into containers. This is especially helpful for failsafe, redundant, and security applications

Automation Containers

These are especially helpful when used to house the programmable logic controllers, distributed control systems (DCS/SDH), networking and telecommunications equipment, facility alarm and notification systems

Haz Mat containment

Due to the environmental protection built into containers, the storage of hazardous materials and use as a container to allow for transport of Hazardous Material off a job site is possible

Smoking Shelters

Containers can be modified to add windows and doors and or have open sides to allow them to be used as smoking shelters on site

Mustering Locations

Containers be designed to be the ideal mustering location, integration with access control and other technology make containers ideal for these applications due to their portability



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