fire fighting container structures

Live Fire Training Structures

Containers provide a cost effective means to build a fire training facility. Due to their robust nature and steel construction containers provide an economic solution as compared to brick and mortar type structures. Container solutions also provide the additional benefits of modularity, easy design and layout changes. The construction of containers make them very strong which allows them to be stackable. Individual rooms and complex structures can be designed that provide real life scenarios. Windows, doorways, staircases, walls, and obstructions, can be designed into the solution. Live fire training and the tactics used to fight the fire make shipping container ideal for quick cleanup with hose directed water. As compared to brick and mortar solutions the portable nature of containers make them easy to load and relocate to other locations.

Field Command Centers / Shelters

Offices and field spotting units can made from containers. Containers are ideal for command centers, accommodation units, food halls, and medical and first aid applications.

Portable Command Offices

  • Easy to transport
  • Modular 

Emergency Response Team Accommodation

  • Sleeping Quarters
  • First Aid
  • Equipment Storage
  • Food Canteen  


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