shipping container for construction sites

The construction industry uses containers for on-site storage of valuable tools, equipment, and supplies. In addition containers have been used as portable offices and workshops that can relocated from one job site to the other as needed.


Containers provide an excellent means for storing valuable tools and equipment at your job site. The weather proof nature of a container protects your equipment from the elements and additional options such as heating, air conditioning or and reinforced access doors can be useful options.


In addition to storing your valuable equipment the container can also contain security cameras and other device that can record in addition to keeping a close eye on your job site


Containers make the ideal solutions for portable workshops and onsite storage for supplies

Portable Office Space

One of the most popular applications of containers is to provide office and conference room space at the job site. The interior of the container can be partitioned and a fully functional office brought to remote locations

Took Cribs

Highly organized storage for tools and equipment at the remote job site allows for tracking and loss prevention. Containers can be built out with racking and custom shelving to help provide fast and efficient inventory control



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