shipping container branding and OEM

Hamilton Container Services can act as the original equipment manufacturer for your business' container needs

We can add your company logo onto the sides and/or paint your container to the desired color scheme. From sports teams to company names, photos, or designs, Hamilton Container Services provides hi-resolution custom graphics.

When your brand's information is added onto the container, it provides a source of branding recognition and advertisement for your business. In addition, HCS can create multidimensional metal designs that can be raised from the surface of the container and welded in place. These types of custom additions can be painted any color and are particularly attractive when used in commercial applications to help create a certain look or style to your business.

Additional Uses for Branding on Shipping Containers

In addition to this branding (OEM) for specific business applications, containers have been used for applications such as billboards alongside businesses with the dual purpose of storage. Container units have also been placed along high traffic areas where the custom graphics can be seen by many people daily, providing advertising and building brand awareness.


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