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Containers can be modified to satisfy a multitude of applications

From custom storage to buildings, and even swimming pools, our storage containers can be modified to provide the type of space you are looking for. During the design process, we can also add doors, windows, and skylights. The container's interior can be modified in a variety of ways including customized storage space, comfortable living spaces, etc. Walls, cabinets, toilets, water, heat, and air conditioning, can all be retrofitted into the container to meet your specifications.

Portable Offices Come in Many Shapes and Sizes

Portable offices are becoming more and more popular. You can customize your office to become single or multiple office spaces, built into a larger container. Often these spaces are used as meeting areas and have conference rooms with tables, chairs, projectors and flat screens, just like a brick and mortar building. The advantage is, these building are portable and can be moved from one work site to another. Hamilton Container Services can custom build or provide one of our standard designs for your application.


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