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The call came in on a Sunday afternoon that FEMA had awarded a fast track contract to build multiple mobile hospital units for use in the South Eastern region of the United States. The first facility had to be shipped in 11 days and operational within 30 days near Atlanta, Georgia. Hamilton Container Services based in Chicago, IL was approached to provide the modified containers that would make up the main structure of the portable hospital. This structure was designed to provide a 44 bed intensive care unit (ICU), capable of comfortably isolating COVID-19 patients. The modular hospital would provide the extra capacity desperately needed to relieve the rapidly growing demand for ICU beds in the local area. “When do you need the first hospital”, Wally Hansan remembers asking, “we need the modified containers in route to Georgia in 11 days”, the governments contractor stated.

During the next 10 days, Hamilton employees worked daily in three shifts, to meet the deadline. All together 44 modified containers were required per the governments design. The containers were customized in such a way that when they are organized side by side and end to end, they create a series of patient rooms and nursing stations. The modular design comes together and fastens to create a weather resistant, air conditioned and heated, private 44 bed Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Features were designed in so that the electrical and plumbing could be easily integrated on site. This is the first of several facilities that have to be delivered under this contract.

“It was a beautiful sight with 44 containers going down the highway in a convoy, looking like a military operation”, said the government prime contractor. “It was a lot of hard work in a short period of time, but everybody worked as a team and proudly put in the hours to bring the container structure to fruition”, said Wally Hansan, owner of Hamilton Container Service. “We feel extremely fortunate that Hamilton could play a part in this important project, by doing what Hamilton Container Services is known best for, we are helping to fight the COVID-19 pandemic”. Hansan, a Veteran of the United States Marine Corp. said “I am proud that Hamilton Container Services was essential to this project and therefore helping in the fight against this invisible enemy”.

 Covid-19 medical building with containers

 Progress on site as seen overhead from a drone

covid medical building project


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