recycled storage containers Chicago RiverwalkWhen the proprietors of Urban Kayak decided to pursue their dream to “ work and have their office outdoors”, they envisioned providing Kayak rentals right on the City of Chicago’s lakefront. The limited space, which is park district land, represented challenges that excluded traditional brick and mortar solutions and other approaches. Hamilton Container Services worked together with Urban Kayak to realize their dream by providing containerized structures that became their lake front rental offices.

The project required coordination with the City of Chicago, the Chicago Park District, and Chicago Harbors. Each of the cities departments had their specific requirements and Urban Kayak and Hamilton Container Services needed to overcome their concerns. Key issues centered around maintaining the aesthetics of the lake front and protecting the environment.

recycled shipping containersUtilizing recycled shipping containers to provide the rental office shelters was met with enthusiasm as it helped with public relations centering around ‘Green’ initiatives that help the environment. Hamilton Container Services worked closely with Urban Kayak to meet their needs as well designing to the demanding requirements of the cities architectural and engineering groups. 

Chicago Riverwalk ProjectsThe final design not only met city approval, utilizes recycled materials, is very attractive and portable, but was also cost effective. Subsequently, Hamilton has been awarded several additional containerized buildings, including an outdoor bar, several retail establishments, and a restaurant called Urban Cantina. Theses units are all made from containers and will be placed along the cities new Riverwalk bringing food and retail options to the local community. 







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